Ram Chary’s Home Page

In this website, Ram Chary, a seasoned professional with more than 20 years of industry experience, discusses the latest trends as well as established practices in supply chain management. Supply chain management is a rapidly changing industry. It involves integrating a multitude of competencies, including transportation, logistics, warehousing, finance, engineering, marketing, and vendor management, and as such, might be considered a very broad field with applications across diverse industries.

In the broadest sense, supply chain management is defined as the management of the set of activities associated with the transformation of raw materials into finished products, as well as their delivery to the end user. It includes collaboration with channel partners, which include suppliers, middlemen, service providers, and even customers. A sub-practice, supply chain event management, seeks to avoid or mitigate risk factors that can disrupt a supply chain, such as the non-availability of raw materials, damage inflicted by natural disasters, and human error.


In his blog, Ram Chary tackles how the industry has changed over the past decade, starting with the offshoring of non-core functions. He also dissects the intricacies of client-vendor relationships, contract management, and facilities redundancy. The latest trends, including new ways of delivering products such as self-driving trucks and drones, are also discussed. These trends also include the Internet of Things, big data, analytics, and cloud computing, which are already disrupting the supply chain management industry. Finally, he explains how green initiatives and corporate social responsibility are changing the landscape of supply chain management, from determining the source of goods up to the bidding for logistics and transport service contracts.


As an industry thought leader, Ram Chary has also held executive-level positions in multiple companies. He is a keen student of leadership, and has worked to understand what makes great leaders – and the companies they lead – tick. In this page, he enumerates and discusses his findings, and offers suggestions for organizations who are seeking to develop their future leaders. He believes that leadership, as it should be practiced today, is a fine art and science that involves the use of data as well as fine-tuned social skills. He also explains the role of ethics in arriving at a consensus among stakeholders.


As a seasoned supply chain professional, Ram V. Chary has held leadership positions in a variety of industries. He specializes in the role of infrastructure and outsourcing in streamlining a business’s supply chain operations and has studied best leadership practices across industry-leading organizations. In IBM Global Services, he rose through the ranks to manage several outsourcing projects with major banking and financial institutions. As Executive Vice-President at Global Commercial Services, Chary established a reputation for operational improvement and the consolidation of investments, and managed a portfolio of processes that included retail payments, government services, and outsourcing. He earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Colorado and a master’s degree in finance and operations management from Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management. He has also authored papers and given presentations about the role of supply chain management in successful organizations.