About Ram Chary


Ram Chary has over 20 years of experience in the fields of supply chain management, logistics, transportation, and gaming, and is widely considered an expert in the said fields. His exposure to different fields has helped him build business and operational models for supply chain management across different industries, including consumer goods, technology, and outsourcing.

After arriving from India, Chary distinguished himself as a student, attending the University of Colorado Boulder and earning a bachelor’s degree in economics. At IBM Global Services, Inc., he was engaged in infrastructure consulting. It was at IBM where he first developed his proficiency in finance and infrastructure. He was also involved in outsourcing projects, helping IBM win multimillion-dollar contracts with major financial institutions, and served in a number of successive leadership roles.

During his thirteen years at IBM, he also continued his education, earning a master’s degree in finance and operations management from the Krannert School of Management at Purdue University. A lot of his work during graduate school focused on logistics and transportation, and dealt heavily with mathematical models that involved payment systems. He parlayed that initial affinity for analytics into a stint at Fidelity National Information Services, Inc., a banking and payments company, where he led its technology division.

Ram Chary later joined Global Commercial Services, where, as Executive Vice President, he managed a diverse portfolio of global operational functions, including outsourcing, retail payments, and government services. He was also responsible for setting up the global delivery operations and supply chain management system of Global Commercial Services, and has a track record of improving efficiency while minimizing operational costs and consolidating investments, including capital expenditures.

He has also served as a director at Firstsource Solutions Limited, a business process management firm based in Mumbai with operations in the U.S., Ireland, the U.K., and the Philippines. Firstsource offers customer management, collections management, and transaction processing services to a number of Fortune 500 firms. The company focuses on initial contact issue resolution by utilizing a custom interaction analytics solution that can measure customer emotions and behavior, providing actionable insights that can be applied across similar products.

Ram V. Chary is widely in demand as a speaker and presenter at industry events, where the extent of his experience, coupled with his academic credentials, has given him outstanding credibility. He is known in the supply chain management circles as a number-cruncher, one of a new breed of industry professionals who rely on numbers to analyze and process customer behavior and the movement of goods and cash. He understands, however, that analytics must be tempered by a healthy client-vendor relationship based on mutual trust and understanding, and makes it a point to emphasize the role of personal relationships in building logistics and supply-chain networks.

Finally, he has studied the role of leadership in building best-in-class organizations, and has determined that strong leadership based on building consensus among and between stakeholders without sacrificing a company’s core values and bottom line, has contributed to the success of industry-leading companies.